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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving Wishes from the Board of Directors, Executive Council and Staff of Family ReEntry!

The Board of Directors, 
Executive Council and Staff of 
Family ReEntry 
Wish You and Yours a 
Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving! 
Board of Directors 
 Christian Morris 
Bill Galvin
Everett Schenk
Phil Lochner
Carlah Esdaile Bragg
Diego Chiarandini
Emily Hart
David Light
Eric Mertz
Ronda Muir
Susan Ness
Preston Tisdale 
Don Young

Executive Council  
Tim Askew
Amar Chopra Bakshi
Marcus Bullock
Gregg Clark
Khalil Cumberbatch
Icy Frantz
Steve Grant
John Hamilton
Babz Rawls Ivy
Lorenzo Jones
J. Christopher Llinas
William Nix
Gabriel Sayegh
James Schaeffer
Tom Scott
James Segelstein
Lexy Tanner

   Staff Directors  
Jeff Grant
Angela Medina
Tina Banas
Randy Braren
Bill Brezovsky
Anthony Corso
Fred Hodges
Rich Martorella

Elizabeth Aliaga
Elizabeth Aponte
Lori Brennan
Kathy Browne
Jahaira Cacares
Maria Cambareri
Charmaine Campbell-Blake
Jenna Cappellieri
Rosanne Esposito
John Filip
Erin Galipeau
James Ghant
Doug Gruber
Christine Hall-Day
Terry Hardy
Jay Hill
Gloria Huerta
Mary-Megan Marshall
Rebecca Martorella
Daee McKnight
John Mele
Charles Milton
Tiana Mosely
Janet Nazzaro
Nancy Ochoa
Sally Parker
Greg Richarsdon
Monica Roland
Laura Sheehan
Jackie Suarez
Raquel Virgo
Jason Wernick
Paul Weston
Diana Whitney
Ginger Wilk
Taurus Wright
Joseph Zannella
Thank you for your support!  

Family ReEntry’s mission is to develop, implement, and share sustainable, cost-effective solutions for the unprecedented numbers of people involved in the criminal justice system, which empower individuals, strengthen families, and build communities.

For more info please visit our website at and you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter. All proceeds go to supporting these valuable programs.
Family ReEntry, Inc. | 
501(c)3 Organization | 203-290-0865

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