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Saturday, November 23, 2013

We Have Dreams Too, By Lynn Springer

Progressive Prison Project

Innocent Spouse & Children Project

Greenwich, Connecticut

We Have Dreams Too
By Lynn Springer 

Being children of the 50's and 60's, my husband Jeff and I had many remarkable role models as we were growing up: The Freedom Fighters, Martin Luther King, Jr., Bobby Kennedy, Ruby Bridges & many more.  They paved the way for us, taught us what to strive for and have given us goals. 

We have learned that suffering knows no boundaries; suffering is colorblind; suffering knocks on the doors of the rich and the poor.  It touches the babe and the elderly - no one is immune.  

Whenever incarceration is in the picture there is suffering whether you live in the back-country of Greenwich or in the neighborhoods of Bridgeport.  

This is why we are filled with extreme gratitude to announce that, with the assistance of Rev. Jim Lemler and Rev. Jenny Owen, the Progressive Prison Project/Innocent Spouse & Children Project will now have a second home at Christ Church Greenwich - along with our first home at the First Baptist Church of Bridgeport with our mentor Rev. Hopeton Scott. 

We are bound by our brokenness, and nothing can heal the wounds of the incarcerated and their loved ones without light, love, compassion and togetherness. We are so thankful that the light is now shining in Greenwich. 

If you would like to learn more about the light and compassion of our ministry, on Dec. 13th, at 6:30 am, David Miller, Director of the Princeton University Faith & Work Initiative and Host of the Greenwich Leadership Forum will be interviewing my husband, Rev. Jeff Grant.  Indian Harbor Yacht Club, Steamboat Road, Greenwich.  We hope you will join us. 

Blessings & peace to you all.


Lynn Springer, Advocate
Innocent Spouse & Children Project 

Rev. Jeff Grant, JD, M Div
Director, Progressive Prison Project/
Innocent Spouse & Children Project
Christ Church Greenwich
254 East Putnam Avenue
Greenwich, Connecticut, USA 06830

Assoc. Minister/
Director of Prison Ministries
First Baptist Church of Bridgeport
126 Washington Avenue, 1st Fl.
Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA  06604


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1 comment:

    Six months ago my husband went to prison and my son and I were evicted from our home. Our savings had been wiped out and any income that was coming in from my husband ceased. We had to find a place for our dog, or give him away and we had no family to go to. In fact I was told that I had no family…Strange-I was not sent to prison yet the effect of the incarceration of my husband and was like my son and I also had be sentenced to pay a debt to society. I had to start my life over again as a single middle aged mother and seek out whatever social services and support I could find along with look for work. As a well educate college graduate from an upper middle class white background this was not a world I knew from. I grew up never wanting for anything and having many privilidges and here I am raising a teenager in poverty…Add to that I was a loyal and trusting wife who had turned a blind eye to the many things my husband did...
    Fortunately I am resourceful and sought out help. There is and was amazing help available to me..socialworkers became family to me and helped lift me up and give me hope. I found my way into a very special shelter situation wehre I was able to share a home with another family and work toward regaining my own home and I found two incredible jobs that are close to my heart. My son received extra help and counseling in school and joined a few teams and clubs and found a family at school that helped give him love and encouragement he needed.
    My son misses his dad and due to circumstances my son and I are the only links to the worls his dad has..his prison is far from us and we do not have reiliable transportation to get there. In the beginning my son blamed me and took his anger out on me for what happened. We are now healing and getting much closer and while he still has a lot of anger about what has happened to his father and about our lack of money he is a kid with a lot of depth. He has had experiences no one wants their child to go through and things that I never thought I would experience in life but we are moving through it.
    Today as we approach Thanksgiving it is still really hard. It is the first year with no family to be with as we have been cut off. My new jobs, one is commission only and hteother does not start paying me until after thanksgiving holiday… I don’t know how I will buy food for the holiday…And then once again an act ofkindness—a complete cooked thanksgiving dinner arrives to us in the shelter, good friends who are going away offer us their home to stayin n for a few days so we can take our dog out of the kennel, where he has lived for the past sixe months, and spend the holidays with him… Small little pleasures that have always been taken for granted are now so meaningful…those meals I used to prepare and serve for the homeless are now the meals we eat…WOW----how does one get through this…with anger? With sadness? With self pity? With depression? Sure all of those are reasonable ways to feel given that this life of poverty is not something I come from…BUT I am meeting it all with GRATITUDE…gratitude for this experience, gratitude for the incredible kindness of the community I live in, gratitude for the changes that are happening, gratitude for the love and kindness and education my son is getting, gratitude for the angels who are here for us to help us move forward, and gratitude